Journey To The Land of S(e)oul (Part IV) : Light Goes On Again

As I exited the at Myeongdong stop, it only took me one look to know it will be a fun walk down the street.  Myeongdong is the very definition of fun, if only one knows how to enjoy it.  It is a place where you can find all sorts of items be it food or skin care.

Thinking of saving the best for last, I ditched the road and went to the underground shopping centre.  It was November and year 2020 is coming, so they sold a lot of planners and calendars, with Hallyu stars' faces on it.  I was reeling.

Being a fan of K-pop boy bands, K-drama and K-movies, I had to restrain myself from spending too much here.  First, I can't be spending all my money here when I had a lot more to explore in Seoul.  Second, I can't be carrying heavy shopping bags at Myeongdong street and enjoy a stroll at the same time!

The Neon Fantasy scarf I'm wearing glows like the neon light of Myeongdong Street

So, having my heart leapt whenever I saw Ji Chang Wook or Byun Baekhyun's photo cards and calendars had me retired into the safety of my mind.  "If you ignore them long enough, they will go away," I kept telling myself.  So, I kept walking, ignoring the "Buy me!" whispers from all the goods, into the album store where it had been my target destination since the trip was planned in April.

My initial plan was to get as many Beast / Highlight albums as I can, but the plan was cancelled immediately as I had my eyes locked on Highlight light stick.  I never owned one and that was going to change tonight.  I grabbed a few boxes (Well, my sister would be furious if I didn't get one for her!) and went straight to the counter to make payment.  That's a few hundred thousand Korean Won went down the drain.  But, I got a few free posters of Highlight and having Yang Yoseob stared at me made me believe that everything was going to be okay.  It was only some numbers, on a few notes.

And now for the best part, the streets of Myeongdong.  I already was beaming from ear to ear from my purchase and walking on the street bathed in colourful lights had me glowing.  What caught me off guard was the handsome oppas who came to me and promoting skincare products.  It was my first time in Seoul and I didn't know they were so good at doing it that I almost stopped every time they lure me with "Apa khabar.  Beli sini. Cantik gila."

In a foreign land, when someone speaks your language it makes you happy.  When someone handsome speaks your language, you just can't ignore them.  So I guess the trick worked.  Fortunately, my friend who was more familiar with the streets of Myeongdong stopped me from being enchanted by the handsome oppas selling skincare products.

My friend kept me close to her to avoid me falling for the charms of handsome oppas again.  We stopped by just a few skincare stores and phone cover stores to get what we already had in mind in the beginning.  Then, we bought a few halal kimbap to eat at the guesthouse.

It was a great night with the light sticks, colourful Myeongdong lights and shining shining oppas.

...continue in (Part V)...


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