Journey To The Land of S(e)oul (Part V) : Because I'm A Girl

Before I went to Korea, my friend had brilliantly showed me the trip itinerary she planned for me.  I looked at it in detail and agreed to every single activity proposed. It was an eightAM-to-tenPM schedule.  Basically, we will be at our guesthouse only at night.

We ended up cheating our way out of our own schedule. There was a day where we decided to pack halal chicken from Yang Pang, buy banchan from ahjumma by the street, and get packed rice and pickled radish from the convenience store.  We went back to our dorm early and called it a night.

We were tired and cold and so we decided to have our me-time early on the bed. It was decidedly a hearty and satisfying meal. So, I joyfully jumped onto my bed, turned on the heating mat and began scrolling social media.

I saw a lot of feeds on Highlight, some EXO, some SHINee, some Big Bang, some BTS and some Blackpink.

Talking about Blackpink, they are one of my favourite Korean girl group and one of the scarf I’m wearing is called BlackPink also. What I really love about this design is that it has two sides; the black and the pink sides. I can wear it interchangeably. If I feel like I want to wear pink today, I’m going to wear pink and if I feel like I’m going to wear it black, I’ll wear it black. The scarf comes in shawl & square.

I guess this colour remind me of the Korean pop girl group; BlackPink.

I feel like this design is a fusion between modern and traditional. The flow of traditional motives all around the scarf and the design of the rose and ornament spice up the design. It goes well with my traditional and modern style of clothing. I guess I'm going to be rocking this Blackpink style!

BlackPink in your area!

...continue in (Part VI)...


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